Want to improve your life?

Improve your life

Five Simple Things to Improve Your Life


  1. 10 minutes of meditation

The research is very clear on the benefits of meditative practice to physical and emotional health. One of many apps available towards this end is Headspace. It is a Mindfulness-based meditative approach that is simple and very accessible. The first 10 meditations are free and can be repeated as much as you want. If you subscribe (about $100 per year), you have access to thousands of hours of meditations directed at a vast array of life situations and goals. Meditation and Sleep Made Simple – Headspace

  1. Get 8 hours of sleep

Again, the research on the need for 7-8 hours of sleep is undeniable. Finding ways to rearrange one’s routine to generate more sleep is a very high payoff activity.

  1. Write down 5 things you are grateful for

We are what we spend our energy and time on. By making a habit of purposely noticing what is right with your world; what you are grateful for, we realign how we experience ourselves and our world.
Benefits of Journaling –

  1. Perform an act of kindness

Similar to number 3 above, by purposely performing an act of kindness, we realign and build structure in our brains to see the world and ourselves more positively.

  1. Move your body

Our bodies are made to move. Any increase in the movement of our bodies improves multiple bodily functions.

Improve your life!

Credit: Chelsea Bagias, PsyD.

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