Poems for my Father part 2

Authentic Counseling blog image poems for my fatherHere is the second poem dealing with the death
of my father where I examine the first time I touched his face.


Touching the Face of My Father (Father #2)

Many years have passed since the touch

First and last, hello goodbye.

My father lay finally resting

Still unable to feel.


How could this being so scary and large

Really be so small and withered

As if much more left

Than just spirit.


Touch is so strange and confusing

The first time I dared

The intimacy I so craved

So many feelings fill the moment.


Afraid of death’s finality

Afraid he will wake…

Sad in the first peaceful silence

For the dream

That’s passed too.


Confused, anxious about what I should

Be doing… and feeling…

His teaching still alive

Even when his flesh be still


No meaning here to be found

Just the stunned pit

Into which this bedroom

Seems to have fallen.


Withdrawing my hand from him

My first touch of my father’s face

And of death

I am adrift.


Where do I steer

Now that the shore to which I’ve clung

However desolate and sere

Has sunk into oblivion?

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