4th of July Celebrations

June 29, 2021

While for some, Fourth of July celebrations can be a time of excitement, excess, and fun, for others, it’s a trigger for an underlying mental health issue. With eating and drinking being the focus at the majority of these parties, those who are susceptible to addictive behaviors may find it difficult to take part without consequence.

10 Breaths Exercise

May 28, 2021

This is a very simple exercise to help you relax and also to keep you calmer throughout the rest of the day. Practice this as often as you can remember. Even just pausing during your day and taking only 1 deep breath will add up and you’ll get the benefit.

The Attitudinal Foundations of Mindfulness Practice

April 16, 2021

1. Non Judging
Mindfulness is developed by assuming the stance of an open minded witness to your own experience.

Poem – Necessary Murder

March 26, 2021

Growth necessarily means change and choice; even passive choice.

Necessary Murder

The day I was born

Everything was possible.

Poem – Men’s Weekend

January 21, 2021

Several of my poems refer to my inner demons or parts of myself I ignore or hide as really little children that need my love. This poem is no exception and it also examines being a man and what growth means to me.

Happy New Year!

January 6, 2021

Another fresh New Year is here……

Another year to live!

To banish worry, doubt, and fear

To love and laugh and give!

Poems for my Father part 3

November 20, 2020

Here is the third and final poem dealing with the death of my father. As you will see, I had moved into a much different place about my father.

Poems for my Father part 2

November 6, 2020

Here is the second poem dealing with the death of my father where I examine the first time I touched his face.

Poems for my Father

October 27, 2020

It took me several years to fully realize and grieve the death of my father. During those years, I wrote three poems about the process. This is the first one. Climbing the Stairs (Father #1)

Daring to Hope

October 12, 2020

Is this feeling, this light, real?

Do I chase ghosts?

Or the unfulfillable wants of a still hurting child?

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