Poem – The Gift At Our Door

Train tracks

The Gift At Our Door

How were we to know that night
            A dark hurting desperation
Came to our door unbidden
            Carrying life and death
            In an angry mixture.
End of the line
            Everybody out!
No stops past here
            Except the last, long one.
You arrive.
            The tears are hot
The mask forgot
            No more robot.
You take the risk.
You face the fear
            And the years they say
You cannot trust
            And depend on anyone.
You reach across that
            Vast valley of doubt
And ask
            For help.
With clarity that hurts
            You find the wounds
You begin the healing
            And the search for
The treasure that’s always been there
With the doubts still lurking
            You persist.
You don’t run, or make excuses
            Or find the reasons
You can’t succeed.
            Your cloak of honor
            Fits well now.
Everyday brings new strength
            And new tears
And acceptance of yourself
            As a worthy and special being
Grows in you eyes,
            And your step.
End of the line?
            For that train, maybe.
The package opened
            The gifts received
Is freashly wrapped
            In hope and promise
And it leaves on a new train
            Heading for the horizon.

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