Gratitude, Happiness, and Optimism

Gratitude, happiness, and OptimismWith Thanksgiving and the Holiday season quickly approaching. We wanted to touch on a few skills and thoughts that may be helpful in this season……

Gratitude, Happiness, and Optimism
Adapted with permission from the presentation-
Happiness: How Positive Psychology Changes Our Lives by Lynn Johnson, Ph.D.


Gratitude prayers are the best at producing happiness

  • Write down some people who have been kind to you. What did they do for you?
  • How do you feel when you review those memories?

Gratitude Experiment

  • Jot down 3 things, in the past 24 hours, that you feel good about and would like to see continue
  • Jot down one or two things you did that you feel were good, right, ethical, or noble, some things you approve of
  • Rate your feelings before/after 0-10

Gratitude for Challenges

  • Jot down something that upset you
  • Now try to brainstorm: How might this be a blessing in disguise? How could I turn it to my advantage? What could be good about this?
  • Rate your feelings now: 0-10

Gratitude Diary

  • Each day, write 3-5 things that you liked
    • What happened to me? Why did it happen?
    • What did I do right? Why did I do that
  • Then write one thing that you didn’t like
    • Ask yourself: “And how is it also good, a blessing in disguise?”
    • Find two or three ways it helps you

Random Kindness

  • One day per week, do five acts of kindness
  • Write about it in your diary

Future Diary

  • Describe your future state
    • The present tense “I am doing X, achieving Y….”
    • How did I do it? Break down into discrete steps
  • Write on this once per week
    • Six months to five years in the future, 10 years in the future

Future Diary- Miracle Question

  • How would things be if your problems were miraculously transformed into solutions?
    • So if the current negatives actually ended up as a benefit (solution) in the long-run
  • What would you do? What would others see you doing? How would others know the miracle had occurred, without you telling them?
  • Write on this once per week

Smile Assignment

  • Practice smiling more on random days
    • Magic coin flip technique
      • Flip a coin- heads you purposely smile extra that day and document in your diary, tails you smile normal and document in a diary
    • Recall happy times, and then smile
  • How does smiling more affect you?
    • Track experiences in your gratitude diary
    • How do I feel?
    • How do others respond to me?


  • Focus on the sensory impressions in a moment-to-moment fashion
    • Food
    • Activity (walking, running, sports)
    • Conversations
    • Friends
    • Recall & Nostalgia
    •    Notice anxiety
    • Do not attempt to change or stop it
    • Notice the feelings, thoughts, fears, changes in your body

Reducing Trauma

  • 15 minutes of “Mindful breathing” reduced reaction to stress and improved mood.
  • Even 5 minutes 2x’s per day has significant benefits.

“What went well” diary

  • Can I make it happen again?
    Diary of when you said thanks – what happened?

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