Positive Journaling


Writing can help us minimize the intensity of negative emotions and can also increase our level of positivity and life satisfaction. It can help us find greater meaning and value, increase motivation, and feel more contentment. Uncovering ways to incorporate and focus on positive ideas, whether, through writing, music, or movies will make a major difference in your life.

Write about future life goals. By writing down where we want to be in the future it can help you visualize and move toward this desired state. Writing down goals makes them much more concrete and tangible, and can lead to a greater sense of hope and optimism for the future.

Journal about the positive experiences you had today. Many people keep journals or diaries to process their emotions and make sense of their life. By incorporating positive experiences into these entries we can increase our psychological well-being and satisfaction. The idea of a gratitude journal relates to this notion. Keeping a log of what you appreciate and feel grateful for each day will open your eyes to the blessings that surround you.

Start a blog about things and ideas that inspire you. Learning and sharing information with others is a wonderful source of self-growth and enrichment. When we learn something valuable that provides us a sense of joy, amusement, or inspiration, having a source to share this with others can be very gratifying.

Write a happiness essay about your life experiences. Choose a positive and wonderful memory you have and write about this experience in as much detail as you can. Often peoples’ negative and traumatic memories are what is most easily triggered and focused on. Making an effort to revisit and concentrate on your positive memories can offer a way to bring more positive emotions into your life.

Write a happy and positive song or poem. Often artistic outlets are considered to be a source of catharsis for emotional turmoil and angst, but there are many poems and songs full of positive messages about love, joy, happiness, and resilience. We can use our creativity to be more positive and to instill this in others’ lives.
Instructions: For each day, write down some positive experiences or thoughts. The categories below can help you to think of examples. You don’t have to write something down for every category. It’s okay to just fill in a couple for each day. But try to write down as many as come to mind.

1. Some things that made me smile today are:
2. Some things that I’m grateful for today are:
3. Some things that I accomplished today are:
4. Some kindnesses that I gave or received today are:
5. Some experiences that I savored today are:
6. Some things I feel optimistic about today are:
7. Some ways that I was strong today are:
8. Some ways that I encountered beauty today are:
9. Some good self-care choices that I made today are:
10. Some ways that I connected with others today are:
11. Some things that I like about myself today are:
12. Some other positives today are:

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