Courting her soul

Poems of love

An important step in relationship building is becoming attuned to the ways our partner wishes to be loved and how we wish to be loved.

Courting her Soul


How can I court the woman I love?

How do I see her soul

So that my gifts touch

The part of her Earth that needs my tending?


Do I decode all the ways she tells me her needs

Through the calculus of my wound

So that my gifts are best received by me?


Being honest, do I withhold the golden egg

To avoid the oft anticipated

Future wounding of loss…

Of letting her know how much I fear


That in the giving of the egg,

I somehow give too much of myself away

And there’s too little there already?


Coming to court the woman I love

Means I am willing to risk that there might be abundance.

With this woman I have walked so many joys and sorrows

My heart surely knows her soul

And she mine.


Can I settle into her meadow and be a loving gardener?

By Chris Mathe

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