10 Breaths Exercise

10 Breaths Exercise

This is a very simple exercise to help you relax and also to keep you calmer throughout the rest of the day. Practice this as often as you can remember. Even just pausing during your day and taking only 1 deep breath will add up and you’ll get the benefit.
1. Close your eyes.
2. Take a deep breath in.
3. Let the breath out.
4. After the exhale say in your head “one.”
5. Take a deep breath in.
6. Let the breath out.
7. After the exhale say in your head “one.”
8. Continue until you reach approximately 10 breaths.
Don’t worry about how deep the breath is or how long you hold the breath. Just breathe easily and comfortably. At some point your attention will wander to other things. When this happens do not be critical or judgmental. Just notice that your attention wandered and then calmly shift focus back to your breathing and saying “one” after each exhale.

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