Authentic Counseling Associates

Megan Rhoads, PysD


Lic:  PSB94021805

Licensed Psychologist

I bring a unique combination of expertise, emotional presence, and charisma to our team at Authentic Counseling Associates.  I employ my clinical skillset, creativity, and sense of humor to bring a grounded, energized presence into session.

I believe success in therapy comes from understanding how the therapeutic relationship mimics those relationships in our daily lives, and how we learn through our experiences both inside and outside the therapy room.

I have special interest in assisting children, adolescents and families with collaboratively reaching their goals while decreasing family stress, improving communication skills, and regaining mutual enjoyment among family members.

I am passionate about helping my clients see their worth and themselves as powerful, positive forces in the world.  Associated with the challenges of self-worth are the issues of finding intimacy and connection in one’s life while remaining open to feeling and expressing their full range of emotions.  I would love the opportunity to help you enhance your interpersonal connections, realize your self-worth and overcome anxiety, depression, and struggles with emotional vulnerability.

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