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Chris Mathe, PhD, MBA
President, Training Director

dr-chrisPresident, Authentic Counseling Associates – A Psychological Corporation

Licensed Psychologist, PSY25111

I am passionate about transformative, lasting change and how that can best be facilitated in groups and individuals. I have had many different opportunities to experience and create change over the past 30 years as a business owner, consultant, facilitator, trainer, executive coach, and therapist.

My approach to helping people change assumes that my clients are the best judges of what they need, that significant and lasting change can take place in every session, and that anyone can learn ways to create a more productive, purposeful, and passionate life. I love collaborating with my clients in creating and sustaining the changes they wish to make and surprising them with how quickly and deeply these changes can manifest. I have a broad range of experience with challenges clients may face, and have in-depth experience with:
• trauma
• teens
• the different challenges men face when seeking help
• the issues many baby-boomers face in creating purpose and meaning.

I have been a perpetual student with BAs in Political Science and Economics, Masters in Business Administration and in Clinical Psychology, and another year towards a PhD in Change in Human Systems. Many years ago, I settled into psychology as my home and completed my PhD in Clinical Psychology. I am also a coach and counselor with the Authentic Leadership Center.

The work we do at ACA is truly my life’s work. I love my life. I can think of nothing more fulfilling than helping people fully realize their own magnificence in their personal and professional lives. I love my wife of more than 40 years and my two grown kids with all my heart and I look forward to each day.

Treatment Models Employed
Redecision Therapy
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Guided Imagery

Changes in perceptions of masculinity among men who have sought help: A grounded theory study.

Current Work Settings:
Authentic Counseling Associates – Gold River
Authentic Leadership Center – Gold River

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