The Stages of Change Model

(Adapted from Changing for Good, Prochaska, et. al, 1995)

Precontemplation – Resisting Change

Unaware and in denial about issue

Resistant, defensive, angry, avoidant


Contemplation – Change is on the Horizon

Examining how issue affects self and others

Emotional, brittle, uninformed

Preparation – Getting Ready for Change

Examining how to change and what life will look after change

Hopeful, informed

Action – Time to Move

Implementing the plan and taking direct actions

Determined, confident, proactive

Maintenance – Staying There

Integrating the change into long-term behavior

Shifting short-term strategies into new beliefs

Determined, wary, connected to support

Termination – Exiting the Cycle of Change

The change is a part of the self

No desire to go back to old issue