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Price Cusolito, MA

Pre-Licensed Professional
Supervised by: Chris Mathe, PhD, Licensed Psychologist #PSY25111
(805) 448-2733
Each of us gets to choose the meaning in our life. Sometimes it feels like something is missing and we aren’t who we want to be. Often our past is making all of our decisions. When we are out of alignment it can make us feel fearful, anxious, angry, overwhelmed, and not in control. Life can be affected from our relationships to the quality of our sleep. Often our familiar ways of coping aren’t enough anymore and it’s time to make a positive change. Each person is unique and I want to help you find your ideal self and create the change you desire most.
I have experience working with past trauma, anger, chronic illness, grief, and stage of life challenges. I emphasize the quality of the therapeutic relationship and use scientific research to inform my work. I am trained in the humanistic/experiential tradition and include narrative, gestalt, and CBT therapies in my sessions.
My goal is to provide a safe environment for you to fully experience yourself and for you to feel accepted no matter what you bring to the table. I love this work and each session is an invitation to cultivate love for yourself.

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