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Meet Our Team

Chris Mathe, PhD, MBA
President, Training Director


I am Passionate about helping people make transformative and lasting change.  I help my clients maximize their Passion, Purpose, and Productivity.  I help achievers find and enhance the other two p’s: Passion and Purpose….continue reading




Betsey Raya
Practice Manager


As the Practice Manager, I run the day to day operations of our office and navigate the billing and medical insurance maze. With over 14 years’ experience running and maintaining offices in various industries, I am well versed in handling the expected and unexpected. I enjoy working with people and enjoy the connections and interpersonal communication with everyone I come in contact with. I strive to be informative, patient and diligent in helping our clientele in all capacities.
It is said that health and wellness are a direct result of the places in which we live, learn, work and play. I believe in the work each of our clinicians perform. It is wonderful to watch these therapeutic relationships flourish and grow everyday and to be a part of such a healthy and safe environment.

I obtained my Associate’s Degree at College of the Siskiyous and went on to attend Southern Oregon University.  I have over 10 years of experience in office settings and enjoy working with people.

Megan Rhoads, PysD
Physchological Assistant


Lic:  PSB94021805

I bring a unique combination of expertise, emotional presence, and charisma to our team at Authentic Counseling Associates.  I employ my clinical skillset, creativity, and sense of humor to bring a grounded, energized presence into session.  I believe success in therapy comes from understanding how the therapeutic relationship mimics those relationships in our daily lives, and how we learn through our experiences both inside and outside the therapy room.

I have special interest in assisting children, adolescents and families with collaboratively reaching their goals while decreasing family stress, improving communication skills, and regaining mutual enjoyment among family members…..Continue Reading

Melanie Ernould, PsyD
Psychological Assistant



Lic:  PSY29035

I believe that therapy is a collaborative journey, with therapist and client working side by side toward a common goal.  Authentic is a perfect way to describe how I view the therapeutic relationship and all of my relationships.  I am patient and gentle, but honest, in my therapy, and easily connect with my clients in a genuine way…..Continue Reading


 Maria Taheny, PhD
CAPIC Post Doctoral Fellow


I embrace a transcendent principle that all human beings are essentially good and sometimes need help finding the good within them.  It is from this place that my humanistic existential training with Saybrook University where I received my doctorate in psychology.  As my understanding in psychology blossomed, a fundamental awareness that all people have the capacity to change themselves emerged.  You are the expert in you!….Continue Reading


Ronda Cowan, PhD.
Psychological Assistant
Lic:  PSB94023077
The therapy process can be a tumultuous, intense, and intimate experience. Therefore, I strive to provide a safe, supportive, and compassionate space for this process to unfold. I view therapy as a collaborative endeavor and trust that you are the expert regarding your life. This process is a personal journey of emotional healing that I, as your therapist, am given your permission to join….Continue Reading




Anika Thielbar, PsyD

My approach to working with adults, couples, families and adolescents is compassionate, creative and goal-oriented. I have more than 15 years experience supporting stress management, life transitions, identity development, trauma related struggles and relationship issues….Continue Reading

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