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Maria Taheny, PhD
Psychological Assistant PSB94023994
Supervised by: Chris Mathe, PhD, Licensed Psychologist #PSY25111


I embrace a transcendent principle that all human beings are essentially good and sometimes need help finding the good within them.  It is from this place that my humanistic existential training with Saybrook University where I received my doctorate in psychology.  As my understanding in psychology blossomed, a fundamental awareness that all people have the capacity to change themselves emerged.  You are the expert in you!

From this place, I utilize a number of techniques to assist you in transforming your current state of being to a better, richer and more fulfilled person.  I value the concept that life has a vocation for everyone, and as such, the gifts we bring the human family are precious.  The journey is one we all traverse, and together, it becomes a more joyful sojourn.

As a directive guide, I respect the need for gentleness and appreciate the necessity for honesty.  Together, I build with you a collaborative therapeutic alliance, founded upon respect, understanding and empathy.

My perspective begins from the experience of having a large family (eight children!) with unique attributes.  The multicultural experience is one I am familiar, as the granddaughter of a Mexican immigrant and the wife of an Irish immigrant.  Learning disabilities are especially familiar to me as my teenage son has moderate autism.  The impact of autism in rigid cultures such ass the Catholic faith tradition was the focus of my research for my dissertation work.  In this precess, I discovered the creative way children on the autism spectrum often communicate can bring a new way of thinking previously not considered by our society.  The result is a valuing of all people, regardless of their social aptitude, which allows our community to be better.

My primary focus is:

  • Adolescent / parent communication
  • Family dynamics
  • Autism and learning disabilities
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Childhood issues such as physical and sexual abuse, whether recent or past

Therapeutic techniques I prefer are:

  • Narrative
  • Psychodynamic
  • Emotion focused
  • Gestalt chair work
  • Faith based therapy

I look forward to serving this community as a guide to transformative change and wholeness.  Joy can be found, even in the most difficult situations. “At the darkest times, we can see the farthest, because only in the dark can we see the stars!”


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