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Kristin Kaminski, PsyD.

Psychological Assistant: PSB94023344
Supervised by Chris Mathe, PhD, Licensed Psychologist #PSY25111
(916) 802-3281


My goal is to help families and individuals in crisis.
I have 3 areas of passion: First, I love working with children, teenagers, and their parents. Children were the reason I decided to seek a career in psychology. My second area of passion is integrating mindfulness, coping skills and self soothing skills into both individual adult and adolescent therapy. Finally, I enjoy neuropsychological and psychological Assessments. I view each assessment as a puzzle and I put my full effort into understanding the final outcome and treatment recommendations.
I have specialized training and experience in Neuropsychology, Pediartic Psychology, Play Theray and Attachment, and the use of DBT in both group and individual therapy. Assessment experience in Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Pediatric Neuropsychology, Dementia and related neurocognitive disorders.





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