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Dr. Elijah Meeker, PsyD

(916) 975-4358

Psychological Assistant PSB94022856
Supervised by: Chris Mathe, PhD, Licensed Psychologist #PSY25111


Dr. Meeker specializes in treating challenging personality disorders (Narcississm, Borderline Personalities, etc.) as well as anxiety and mood disorders (bipolar/depression). Working in behavioral health the last decade, he has helped hundreds of people get through difficult struggles, guiding them to achieve a healthy balanced life.

Dr. Meeker’s practice specializes in assessment and treatment of personality and mood disorders. Using evidence based treatment (e.g., CBT) and classically rooted methods (projective testing and emotion based therapy), Dr. Meeker combines the efficiency of the modern and the elegance of the old.
Through his personal and specialized approach, Dr. Meeker achieves high rates of treatment success and patient satisfaction. They leave knowing that their whole person has been considered in the treatment process, body, mind, and soul.



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