California Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency on March 4, 2020, after the first person died of coronavirus or COVID-19. Schools and businesses closed. People are staying home. People are not able to work at their jobs. Grocery shelves are empty. This is a time of extraordinary stress. People are feeling isolated, lonely, depressed, worried, anxious, fearful, angry and panicked. People are isolated in their homes, feeling lonely and depressed. People are not able to earn a living. They are worried about their future. People are not able to get the household products and food that they like. People who are struggling with addictions are cut off from the social supports they have developed. Parents have to stay home with their children. Many of these children have hyperactivity and other behavior disorders. Teenage sons and daughters have to stay home and do not understand why they cannot go out and be with their friends. Husbands and wives living together in confined spaces are getting irritable and taking it out on each other. Seniors are isolated in their homes and are not allowed to have visitors. If any of this has been a problem for you, you may benefit from FREE on-line support groups being led by experienced psychologists and counselors at Authentic Counseling Associates of Gold River, California. 

On-line sessions are conducted through ZOOM technology. Each session lasts for 60 minutes and is led by a trained psychologist or counselor. Dates and times are posted below.  

On-line support group sessions are a free service to the public during the coronavirus crisis. On-line support group sessions are NOT psychotherapy and should not be considered psychotherapy. Users agree to hold harmless Authentic Counseling Associates and its on-line support group facilitators.

For further information about services available at Authentic Counseling Associates please visit our website at Medicare and self-pay accepted.