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Angelina Bravo, AMFT


Associate Marriage & Family Therapist License #117870

Angie received her Master’s of Science with Honors in Marriage and Family Therapy Counseling from Capella University?



Hi! If you are looking to connect more with others, understand your actions and have a happier, healthier life, you can!  Therapy is a process that can help empower your sense of self, create the happiness you seek and help you overcome your challenges.

I choose to work in the field of Marriage and Family Therapy because I seek to assist those who have suffered from traumatic experiences, and have chosen to begin working on their healing, towards health and happiness.

When working with couples, families and individuals, my focus is to assist my clients in gaining alternative perspectives on a given situation. Through this enlightenment the objective would be to help others learn to respect one another’s feelings and opinions, with no winner or loser, just learning to live together peacefully.

With a broad background in Political Science, Psychology and Marriage and Family Systems, my experience and education has trained me to be accepting of all.  When each share and express those feelings without judgement of another, it is together that we learn to grow and exist in happiness.



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